• About Us

    BRI - Research Institute of Balneology - was established on June 6, 2011 as a public research institution (v.v.i.) pursuant to Act No. 341/2005 Coll. on public research institutions.

    The Balneology Research Institute is a specialized research center specializing in balneology and health care. It is a research institute with regional, national and foreign activities.


    Contribute to the development of balneology, increasing the quality of spa care and the competitiveness of spas on a national and international scale. The leading approach of scientific and research work is the use of evidence-based medicine (EBM), i.e. classical Western medicine and information-based medicine (IBM), i.e. complementary and integrative medicine.


    To become a leading research center in the field of balneology in the Czech Republic, but also in Europe. Apply the unique know-how of micro and nano bubble advanced technologies in cooperation and partnership with balneological and healthcare entities in the country and abroad, especially in neighboring countries and selected destinations in Central and Eastern Europe and Asia.

    Management of Institute

    Director of the Institute
    Ing. Frantisek Och

    Institute Council
    Ing. Frantisek Och, Chairman
    MUDr. Lubomir Mankovecky, CSc., Vice Chairman
    Ing. Josef Biza
    RNDr. Ondrej Mraz
    prof. RNDr. Stanislav Novak, CSc.
    Ing. Miroslav Puncochar, DSc.
    RNDr. Jiri Schlanger

    Supervisory Board of the Institute
    Rostislav Laris, Chairman
    Ing. Lukas Kulaviak, PhD
    Mgr. Roman Marek
    Bc. Eliska Spejchalova

    The Research Institute of Balneology, p. r. i. intends to within the framework of its research and scientific activities:

    - to continue the activities of the Research Institute of Balneology s.p. (VÚB s.p.), founded in 1952 and abolished in 1992, which during its period of operation irreplaceably contributed to the development of balneology in the Czech Republic and to the presentation of the quality of Czech spas abroad,

    - to apply important scientific knowledge based on Evidence-Based Medicine (EBM) and on the basis of Information Based Medicine (IBM) for clinical practice, spa medical care, protection of citizens' health and a higher quality of life,

    - to popularize the results of science and research in the field of balneology at home and abroad and to introduce them into the practice of the state and private sector,

    - develop and innovate education and awareness of citizens about the quality and irreplaceability of spa treatment care and the uniqueness of natural healing resources in the Czech Republic,

    - participate in support programs and grants in the Czech Republic, the EU and abroad,

    - implement projects of the business, economic and personnel model of spas, health and health social institutions.

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